Lewis Hamilton went FURIOUS as he finished fourth in the Dutch GP, with Max Verstappen victorious

Max Verstappen turned the skies orange and Lewis Hamilton the air blue with the most expletive-laden rant of his Formula 1 career.

As flares lit up Zandvoort in cheers of the home hero’s Dutch Grand Prix victory, Hamilton was condemned to finish fourth after an extraordinary strategic error from his pit wall boffins.

They turned him into a sitting duck. They sent him to a duel without even a gun.

Max Verstappen took home victory at the Dutch Grand Prix to extend his world title lead

The Dutch Red Bull star finally triumphed at Circuit Zandvoort on Sunday afternoon

That was what it equated to as Hamilton being left on medium tires while Verstappen was replaced by the quicker and softer of the three compounds for a late shootout for the win.

The result was inevitable. Verstappen passed Hamilton in the blink of an eye – before the first corner after a restart on lap 61 of 72 after the safety car withdrew. Now You See Me, Now You Do not.

Hamilton let the radio fly. “That was the biggest shit,” he exclaimed. In growing anger: ‘I can’t believe you fucked me. I can’t tell you how p ***** I am right now.

A cheery partisan crowd of 105,000 saw Verstappen take the checkered flag

A cheery partisan crowd of 105,000 saw Verstappen take the checkered flag

The big drama unfolded when Valtteri Bottas’ Alfa Romeo crashed down the straight. After a (unnecessary) break, the race was suspended. At this point, Hamilton was in second place, behind Verstappen. What to do?

Everyone around Hamilton stopped to get shod. This included George Russell in the other Mercedes. He asked for apps. Hamilton, now first, did not make the same request. This failure, unlike his young teammate, means he absolutely cannot be absolved of blame.

But the real catch is that the error was so blindingly obvious because it had shades of Abu Dhabi last year, when Hamilton was passed on the final lap and lost an eighth title to Verstappen. How much stronger can a revival be?

The 24-year-old passed Hamilton to take the lead after several virtual safety car incidents

The 24-year-old passed Hamilton to take the lead after several virtual safety car incidents

Yes, he may not have been able to pass Verstappen on softs, but he would have at least fought him on equal terms. He certainly wouldn’t have finished fourth. He would have crossed the line as a runner-up, most likely.

His cause was not helped by his poorly executed restart, going early and allowing Verstappen to capitalize on the Netherlands’ most effective slipstream.

The cheers from the grandstand down the straight, with its pounding techno and teeming supporters, told the story of Dutch supremacy before the images around the track caught up with the action. Then, on lap 64, Russell shot down Hamilton. On lap 65, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc sped by, en route to third place. The seven-time world champion was 11 seconds behind Verstappen at the end.

Verstappen stood atop his Red Bull car and waved to supporters after claiming victory

Verstappen stood atop his Red Bull car and waved to supporters after claiming victory

He was also 30 points behind Russell, and playing his apprentice second fiddle goes down like cyanide. On the way back to the pits for the upcoming inquest, race engineer Peter Bonnington said: “Sorry about that Lewis, it looked good but we’ll sit down and review the decisions we’ve made. taken.”

Team leader Toto Wolff came on as the captain speaking from the cockpit after a nasty bout of turbulence, saying, “Lewis, sorry it didn’t work out.” We took a risk. Let’s discuss it between us at the office. By the time Hamilton showed up in the paddock in his overalls to share his post-race thoughts, he and Wolff had spoken. A party line had been taken in the best “nothing to see here” fashion. Hamilton, now speaking sotto voce, said he was not going to apologize for his show of passion.

That’s how I’m made and I don’t always succeed. I’m sorry to the team for what I said as it was done in the heat of the moment. But I want to look at the glass half full and we have so many positives to take from this weekend. If the car feels like this in other races, we will fight for victory.

Indeed so. It was a good weekend for Mercedes – well, that was before it all went wrong for Lewis. He had a chance of victory on an adventurous strategy that saw him try to make a save.

A virtual safety car that came out for Yuki Tsunoda’s retirement – he drives for Red Bull’s AlphaTauri junior team; eyebrows raised – dashed her hopes. The interruption allowed Verstappen to stop without paying a heavy price.

This is the fourth consecutive victory for the world champion, a hard-fought victory that allows him to have 109 points ahead of Leclerc. Seven races and 191 points remain available.

Hamilton’s rugged Mercedes 4×4 getaway car was overturned in the paddock, a one-time serve meant to immediately propel him through the crowd, 100,000 strong and all screaming for Verstappen.

The beaten man waved as he walked, his face partly hidden by the windows almost as dark as his mood.

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