Housing association offers advice on how best to support wildlife ahead of winter

A housing association is giving residents of Lichfield and Burntwood tips to make sure their outdoor spaces are ready for wildlife this winter.

Bromford urged residents to play their part in supporting the animals as they prepare to go into hibernation.

Tips include removing items such as seeds and fruits, as well as dog or cat food to help hedgehogs build up their fat stores before winter.

Other tips include letting garden sections grow wild, creating a compost pile to become a home for insects, and reducing chemical sprays that can poison insects that feed on certain plants.

Catherine Jarrett, Sales and Marketing Director at Bromford, said:

“As summer draws to a close and the dark nights begin to approach, much of our local wildlife prepares for hibernation. A variety of UK species begin to hibernate in October and November, so until there we can do a lot to help.

“We hope that sharing these tips will help homeowners provide safer and more welcoming environments for the wildlife in their area.”

Catherine Jarrett, Bromford

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