The very first color photograph of the Beatles, taken by Paul McCartney’s brother

When the Beatles recruited Ringo Starr as new drummerthey joked that he wasn’t even the best of the bunch – who cares at Liverpool.

Now it turned out that Mike, Paul McCartney’s younger brother also had the ambition to fill the hot seat on drums.

He joked that if he hadn’t broken his arm, he would have been the obvious selection instead of Ringo.

He happens to have gone on to a successful career as a photographer and performance artist.

The Telegraph can now reveal some of Mike McCartney’s never-before-seen photographs of the Beatles, discovered by him while browsing through boxes of film, negatives and prints in its archive – including the band’s first color photograph when they were known under the name Quarrymen.

This was taken on March 8, 1958, at their Aunt Jin’s house, when George had just turned 15 and their future as a group that would change the face of music was before them.

Mike said of the photo: “It was maybe George’s first performance with the band. John, without his glasses, could see nothing – but we could clearly see from his flushed cheeks that he was drunk. The boy with half a Guinness is Dennis Littler, one of cousin Ian’s friends.

In one photo, Paul is captured carrying a battery out of the house.

“Paul came home one day with a drum set,” Mike said. “It was perfect because I wanted to play drums. Maybe if I hadn’t broken my arm, I could have been a Beatle.

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