Artist explodes $250K Lamborghini to make NFTs that protest crypto

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An artist recently exploded a Lamborghini Huracan to create a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection that will soon be available to purchase.


The artist goes by the pseudonym Shl0ms and proposed in September 2021 that he should blow up a Lamborghini and out of the exploded parts, create an NFT collection. Shl0ms received financial backing for the idea and also put some of his own money from past art projects into its creation. The artist then purchased a used Lamborghini Huracan for just under $250,000 and hired a federally licensed explosives engineer to assist in the destruction of the vehicle.

So, why explode a Lamborghini for an NFT collection? Shl0ms said, “the Lambo is a pretty potent representation of people simply engaging with crypto because it’s a way for them to make money off other people as quickly as possible.“Adding that NFT technology has massive potential and that there are many good things that can be done with it,”but there are so many terrible things being done with it.

Artist explodes $250K Lamborghini to make NFTs that protest crypto 02 |

On February 2, the Lamborghini was destroyed, and each of the pieces was picked up and documented. The collection includes 999 NFTs, with 888 of them going on sale on February 25 and the remaining 111 being kept by the financial backer. A full video of the explosion will be released on February 25.

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