Fancy getting your paycheque in crypto? You’re not alone

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If you received your paycheque in crypto, it would be worth a good bit more today than it was yesterday. Though a good bit less than it was worth at the beginning of the year.

Tea Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) price, still down 14% year-to-date, leapt 8% overnight.

Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) surged higher too, gaining more than 5%.

Now it’s unlikely that you’re currently getting paid in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

But a new survey from global online market research firm Dynata reveals a surprising number of Aussies are very interested in receiving their paycheque in crypto rather than the Australian dollar.

21% of Aussie respondents have already invested in crypto

The survey results released by Dynata this week are part of the company’s Global Consumer Trends Report, The New Experience Economy.

Dynata collected a total of 11,000 responses between 4 and 10 February, spanning 11 countries.

Sticking to the Australian results, the survey indicates that 21% of Australians have already invested in Bitcoin or another digital token. That number skyrockets when we narrow it down to Millennial men, with 59% saying they’d invested in crypto.

Those figures drop to 28% for Gen X males. And women remain underrepresented, with only 12% of Gen X females having invested in digital assets.

True Adoption

According to Dynata, “Many analysts consider that true adoption will be when people chose to get their salary in crypto as opposed to their own country’s fiat currency.”

And the survey results show we may be well underway to that point. At least among Aussie Millennial men.

Asked whether they were “extremely” or “very interested” in receiving their paycheque in crypto, 39% said they were.

While only limited numbers of Aussie retailers currently accept digital tokens, 13% of Australian respondents reported they’ve used crypto to make purchases. Not surprisingly, that figure comes in significantly higher, at 26%, for Millennial men.

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