Fandom Sports To Launch Prediction Platform And Incentivize Fans With NFTs

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Fandom Sports Media Corp. (CSE:FDM) (OTC:FDMSF) (FRANKFURT: TQ43) recently outlined its strategy for its upcoming prediction platform launch, gamification strategy and reward platform incorporating and deploying Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to reward fans for engagement.

The company has completed the development of the prediction engine, its’ NFT marketplace –, and content integration capabilities. Development teams are now implementing a gamification and rewards engine that will incentivize stream viewers to play and predict across their favorite forms of content.

Once gamification and reward engines are completed in early Q2, Fandom Sports will be able to present specific monetization and customer acquisition strategies to the global creator community and key industry stakeholders with the goal being to establish pilot and beta projects across a spectrum of platforms.

“Given ever-escalating customer acquisition costs for all wagering platforms and the lack of fully defined data streams for esports and other forms of content, our technical team has been developing a platform that will facilitate predictions in-stream or broadcasts across a spectrum of live and pre-recorded events. Fandom Sports will be casting a wide net for audience aggregation by embedding our technology with partner organizations,” states David Vinokurov, Fandom Sports CEO and president.

According to NFT stats compiled by blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis Inc., the NFT marketplace grew to almost $41 billion in 2021, closing in on conventional art sales. In 2020, conventional art and antique sales amounted to $50 billion. OpenSea (valued as of January 5, 2022, US$13.7 billion) sits at the top of the world’s biggest NFT markets at the moment and has an NFT price tracker.

Estimates suggest that around a quarter of a million people actively trade NFTs every month on the platform. Fandom Sports will be working with influencers, teams and organizations to capitalize on these growing trends and exploit the intersection of streaming, esports, sports and broadcast content with unique NFTs that also will allow specific utilities across a range of content platforms.

“With the recent explosion of the different forms of content creation and fierce competition for viewers, it will be imperative for content creators to deliver fun and engaging content to audiences. Our platform will assist with bridging that divide and providing new opportunities for revenue generation through unique predictive technologies with an imbedded variety of multi-function NFTs. We will be leveraging our previously announced partnerships with wagering, esports, and crypto partners to cast a wide and impactful net vis-à-vis a global audience of content creators and consumers,” continues Mr. Vinokurov.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice.

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