Finder launches new crypto podcast ‘Block Climbing’ to demystify Web 3.0

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Global fintech, Finder, has today announced the launch of its first crypto and Web 3.0 focused podcast series, Block Climbing.

The fortnightly podcast, released every second Wednesday, is hosted by Finder journalists and self-confessed crypto skeptics/enthusiasts, Tegan Jones and Tim Bennettand will explore “blockchain without the BS”.

With Finder research showing nearly 1 in 5 (18%) adults now own crypto, the podcast has been launched to help Australians on their crypto journeys.

The series is a “Crypto Bro”-free zone where beginners, skeptics and everyone in between are welcome to learn, question and have a few laughs along the way.

From understanding what Web 3.0 actually means to delving into the depths of blockchain true crime, Block Climbing is your new go-to source of information on all things crypto and Web 3.0.

Tegan Jones, global reviews editor at Finder and co-host of Block Climbing, said the podcast will explore the good, the bad, and the just plain confusing impacts that crypto and Web 3.0 could have on our lives.

“While we’re fascinated by crypto, we know there is a lot of unexplained jargon that can make the space seem intimidating.

“I think people are tired of being told to just ‘do their own research’ because it can be hard to know where to start, so we want Block Climbing to be the place to get your questions answered in everyday language.”

Each episode will be packed with the latest news in crypto and Web 3.0, broken down in a way that’s engaging, easy to understand and with a healthy dose of skepticism throughout.

Tim Bennett, publisher at Finder and co-host of Block Climbing, said this podcast will be a fun and accessible way into crypto and Web 3.0 content.

“There’s no doubt that blockchain is an interesting technology but there are still some questions to be answered about it.

“We’re excited to build a community where we can have these conversations in an informative and critical way that is super beginner friendly.”

In upcoming episodes the duo will be looking at North Korean crypto hackers, what on Earth Web 3.0 actually means, whether crypto can ever be green and the unsolved mystery of Bitcoin’s origin story, as well as hearing from a few expert guests.

Chris Ellis, CEO of Finder Australia, said launching a podcast aimed at demystifying the world of Web 3.0 made perfect sense for Finder.

“We believe that an understanding of these emerging technologies is critical for Australians looking to benefit from new finance spaces like cryptocurrency.

“Being able to break down complex topics is at the core of what we do at Finder so I’m very proud to be supporting a podcast like Block Climbing to make areas like crypto and Web 3.0 more accessible for everyone.”

The first episode of Block Climbing is available now on all major podcast platforms, with the next episode set to drop on Wednesday 16 March. New episodes will be released fortnightly on Wednesdays.

Want to learn more about crypto, NFT’s and Web 3.0? Register for Finder’s free masterclass here.

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