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Khosh: He is a growing NFT investor and supporter who aims for world adoption of crypto and NFTs in the near future.

It is indeed wondrous to know and learn about all those incredible human beings and professionals whose entire aim in life is not about gaining maximum momentum and success in their chosen industries but is much beyond that of spreading the goodness of their knowledge and expertise in people through their work. Very few people have done this and have enthralled all with their knowledge and excellence in their industries.

The digital financial space might be overflowing today with several talented professionals, but Khosh, a determined professional, still makes his unique mark for multiple reasons.

Rather than trying to be a financial advisor kind of a being in the industry, Khosh makes sure to only pass on the right information about all things NFTs and crypto through his consistent tweets on Twitter.

Khosh has completely surrendered to his visions in the NFT game and thus wants to leave no stone unturned in providing the most accurate insights to people through his socials, which is one of the reasons for his growing presence in the world of digital. However, what has made Khosh attain much more momentum since the past few years is his growing contribution to the Defi space. His passion for crypto and NFTs led him to launch his one-of-a-kind community for NFT and crypto enthusiasts called Alpha Land.

Alpha Land oozes the caliber of this passionate being, which is growing as a robust Alpha Discord community, with over 2000 members already. Khosh is an active investor in NFTs and wants to encourage more and more enthusiasts in the industry to turn into investors as he knows, looking at the current trends, how the industry will only experience more growth.

Khosh says several people and professionals from different sectors of the world have already adopted the use of crypto and NFT in their working and many brands and businesses are also starting to do that, but still, there is a long way to go for world adoption of crypto and NFTs and for that he wants to inspire the world with his knowledge.

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