Rabbids Are Being Added To The Blockchain As Voxel NFTs

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Ubisoft is doing anything but resurrecting Rayman, now adding Rabbids to the blockchain in an online NFT ‘game’. The new initiative supposedly allows “anyone to create their own experiences with the Rabbids franchise in the Open Metaverse!”

Imagine Minecraft, but you buy plots with real money and trade digital artwork in an NFT ecosystem. That’s The Sandbox, a blockchain real estate simulator that is part of the ‘metaverse’, akin to an old MMO like Habbo Hotel or Bin Weevils.

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In The Sandbox, you can buy voxel NFTs like the now-added blocky Rabbids. And since it’s all one big community, you can flex your receipts on your digital plots of land to other people who are also flexing their receipts on their digital plots of land. Exciting, eh?


“We’re excited to bring the Rabbids to The Sandbox community and to empower players to create their own original experiences incorporating elements of our gaming IP,” senior manager of new business and partnerships at Ubisoft Guillaume Mammi said. “We can’t wait to see how they make the Rabbids’ world their own. The Sandbox is an obvious new fun playground addition to the long list of Rabbids world invasions, and a great opportunity for Ubisoft to experiment a metaverse experience for its brands .”

Ubisoft’s NFT push hasn’t been too successful. Its Ghost Recon line didn’t sell well and so the French publisher spoke out, saying that gamers just don’t get it. But that isn’t stopping them. In fact, employees at Ubisoft were rewarded for their hard work with NFTs! A little splash of environmental damage to make the paycheck more interesting.

Speaking of environmental damage. Ubisoft originally stated that its NFT push would take into account the environmental concerns of cryptocurrency, but it was later revealed that its NFT partner wasn’t using the eco-friendly platform promised, so its NFTs are bad for the environment. There’s Rabbids and Mario’s crossover to look forward to, though, and Nintendo would never get into NFTs, right? Right? Well, it also has an “interest”. Sorry.

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